Animator - user's guide

Animator requires Java enabled browser.
Suitable Browsers are MS Explorer 5, Netscape 7, Mozilla, Opera 7. (Netscape v4.x displays applet without reading data file.)

Play animation:
 Simply click on "Play" button
 Click on the "Pause" button to suspend animation and click again to resume animation.
 Click on the "Stop" button to stop animation.

Leg and accumulated times including losses are displayed on the right bar for highlited competitor from the lef down list.

Change competitor for animation:
Add competitors:
1. Use  "^^" button to add first three competitors in a class.
2. Select competitor from left down list and use "^" button.
Remove competitors:
1. Use  "vv" button to empty animation list.
2. Select competitor from left top list and use "v" button.

Draw your route:
1. Click on the competitor for whom you want to draw route in the left down list.
2. Select leg between controls for part of route.
3. Clik on "Draw route for:" button, the selected leg will be focused in the map
4. Click by left mouse on start point of leg, draw route with pressed button, release button in the end point of leg.

Display your route - read Route study

Save route
After you have drawn your route route click on "Save route" button. Enter your user name (email) and password obtained at and click on "Login" button. If the route was saved properly, you will see "ROUTE SAVE" text above "Save route" button.

Route study:
If you click on "Select routes" button then frame withh all available routes in the class appears and you can select which routes you wants to see permanently. Click on competitor name to show/hide his route.

If you tick "Routes only" then only split-times of competitors with routes appear.
If you tick "Start" then competitors will start according to their start times, else they start together.
Use tracker to change speed of animation.
If you untick "Draw connections" then connection between controls will not be drawn.
If you tick "Focus leg" then map will be focused on the current leg during animation.

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