That's me!


Hello, and welcome to the personal website of the Ondrej Cernin.

On this website, you can find various things, including photo galleries of my photos and animated GIFs.

Should you have any questions or comments please consult the "Contact" tab to discover ways as to how to contact me.

About me

I'm just another student who has a project to do for computer science, but needs to fill up the space on the home page in order to make the formatting work and make the page look nice. In addition, I'm also someone who should be studying for his end of highschool exams, therefore I decided to not waste too much time making the perfect intro about myself.

... Well alright, that wasn't enough text to fill up the page, so here's some legitimate information. I was born in Prague, I grew up in the suburbs of Seattle, Washington, and because I missed the experience of not understanding anyone as was the case at the beginning of my time in the US, I moved to Switzerland. So yeah, apologies to anyone who had has ever had to listen to me try to speak german.

Anyways, while traveling so much around the world, I realize that I enjoyed documenting my adventures by taking photos in order to have better memories of the places I've been and the things I've seen.

I hope you will enjoy the pictures on this website, and thank you for visiting.