Orienteering Organiser 7

What is new?

- Full 32 bits application.
  You can store you event data in longnamed files or install program to 'Program Files' folder.
  New program layout.
- Compressing data.
  By erasing of deleted records you can make smaller data files.
- Read data form backup.
  You can read data directly from backup files.

Course setting:
- Dimmed map for better view of courses.
- Use right mouse button to change edit and insert mode.
- Local menu for selecting or deselecting all courses in course editor.

- Preview of course of selected leg of team before print
- New way how to adjust course onto the map
  By using preliminary plot or print of registration crosses you can you can use Windows ink plotters or printers to print courses onto the map too.
- Non modal print window
  You need not open print window again to repeat  print.
- Interrupting of plotting or printing is possible
- You can choose colour of printed course

Professional (Multiday) version:

- You can store up to 10 events (stages) in only one data file.

Course setting:
- You can see courses from more than one stages in one course setting editor
  you can set a new event on the background of an old event too
- You can used shared controls
  one control can be used for more than one stage
- Import single stages data to main file
  more setters can set one event (include one stage)