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Orienteering Organiser 11 (2010)

Beta testing in events started in October 2009, release version available on December 5th 2010

Licenses purchased after July 1, 2009 are eligible for free upgrade to version 11

  • Course with "Butterfly" supported
  • Groups visualization in descriptions and courses for courses with groups (nests) of controls
  • Copy course functionality
  • Sort controls codes from lowest code and selected (main) course
  • Import of controls and courses (single) from IOF XML
  • Import relay variants from OCAD
  • Possibility to select multiple classes for length, climb and code relay reports


    SPORTident support
  • Direct fast print on SPORTident thermal printer
  • 8 digits SI cards
  • Reading SI cards 8,9, and pCard in extended mode (11.01)

  • Results processing
  • Repeatable SI card usage

  • You may have more runners using the same card in your event. It is working even for relay events, so if you want to organize a relay race, e.g. 2 members teams relay event with 3 legs for each member, you do not need 6 SI cards for each team, you need just 2 - one for every team member.
  • Non preregistered events support

  • entering competitors records at the time when you read his/her card (you do not need to enter the competitor before you read his card). If he/she does not have a Mispunch, software recognizes his/her course (if the course is not shared by more classes), so you do not need to enter it. If the card is in your archive with competitor's name, you do no have to type the name at all, it will be prepopulated from the archive. The only thing what you need to do is to confirm by OK button.
  • Configurable split-times sheet

  • Navigation level identification: software identifies based on splittimes loses if the competitore behaved like a beginner or champion and displays evaluation from 1 to 5. This not default - needs to be turn on in split-times format.
  • Improved Rental cards management

  • You can create own (club) SI-cards list. If new competitor is entered into the database and his e-card number is included in the rental card file, the e-card assigned to the competitor will be marked as rented automatically. You can runa task that will mark e-cards assigned to competitors as rental if they are present in the rental cards list.
  • Function to recalculate competitors result (e.g. afetr class change) withoutneed to read SI card again
  • Group class results - e.g. H35,H40,H45 results together when run the same course
  • Automated total results print for multistage events
  • Automated results print for relay events
  • Commentator support for total results for multistage events
  • Reading radio control splittimes transmitted by British manufacturer hardware
  • Move punch time utility (e.g. when SI station time clock was not set correctly)
  • Results export in IOF XML format for WinSplits
  • Configurable header for results
  • Ability to break line in results (e.g. legs on isolated lines)
  • Ability to identify not finished competitors based on CSV output of SI Config
  • Function to calculate points for competitors based on their place in stage

  • Registration
  • TXT and CSV format for import and export supported. You can define your own file structure.
  • Ability to import one competitor with different classes for multistage events
  • Archive viewer with search functionality for runners and clubs archives
  • Own archive management (update current archive from event data)
  • Ability to search an archive by national codes or SI card numbers
  • Multistage bib numbers

  • Installer for 64 bit Windows
  • Unicode support (Chinese - translation under construction)