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Feature \ Edition Express (free) Basic Standard Professional
Course settings X X X X
Event Administration X X X X
Score events X X X X
SPORTident X X X X
Analysis X X X X
Courses with loops X - X X
Courses with nests X - X X
Courses with butterflies X - X X
Relay X - X X
Sprint (qualification, final) X - X X
Web animations X - X X
Postal office X - X X
Commentator X - - X
Spectator results X - - X
Radio controls X - - X
Live web results (FTP) X - - X
Start queue X - - X
Team cooperation (stage import) X - - X
Network X - - X
Number of stages 2 1 2 10
Competitors limit 200 - - -

Send your order by e-mail, by fax or by mail. Write your name, address and club (for licence name). The program can be downloaded from the web or the program can be delivered by mail. If you download it from the web, after registration you will obtain a key which will enable features according to selected edition.
You can pay via bank account transfer
Licence terms:
The Animator or the Orienteering Organiser (course setting, event administration, spectator and speaker packages) may be used by all members of one club but only for event licensed to this club (club-organiser's licence).
This licence gives the right to get free advice with the program and getting UpGrade for new version for cut prices and getting UpDate for new builds from internet free of charge.


OORG 12 Basic 80,-Euro
OORG 12 Standard 120,-Euro
OORG 12 Professional 160,-Euro
Update level 1 12 Basic->12 Standard, Previous Standard->12 Basic 50,-Euro
Update level 2 Previous Standard->12 Standard, Previous Prof->12 Prof 70,-Euro
Update level 3 12 Basic->12 Prof; Previous Standard->12 Prof 90,-Euro
Shipping by mail +10,-Euro

Prices Valid from 20 September, 2020