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2024-02-04 2022.00.09 Improvement: Import entries from XML.
2024-02-04 2022.00.09 Improvement: Export relay in IOF XML.
2023-05-14 2022.00.06 Improvement: SI Card reading for Windows 11.
2023-05-14 2022.00.06 Improvement: Function to move all start times in one category.
2023-05-14 2022.00.06 Improvement: Function skip certain bibs (when missing).
2023-05-14 2022.00.06 Fix: first 3 competitors were incorrectly printed on the splittimes ticket in second and next stages
2022-03-18 2022.03 Improvement: Borland Database Engine (BDE) not needed - data not compatible with previous versions. Run As Admin not needed.
2022-10-03 2019.00.02 Online results - Export XML for Liveresult (using IOF xml namespace)
2022-10-03 2019.00.02 Export XML: Person-Id for CZE and SVK created as clubs short name + registration code
2022-03-15 2019.00.01 Fix: Missing end tag 'Event' in IOF XML export of results (since BETA 2019.12)
2022-01-30 2019.00.00 Improvement: Setting to classify all competitors passing any correct variant of a course with loops
2021-05-29 2019.13 New: Classify all competirors passing any correct variant of a course with loops
2021-05-29 2019.13 New: Export of results to Swiss format
2021-05-20 2019.12 Fix: IOF decriptions not printed on map
2021-05-20 2019.12 Fix: Selection of combinations for courses with loops
2020-09-20 2019.11 Improvement: Translation of comment statuses in Comments window
2020-08-30 2019.10 Improvement: Translation of comment statuses for course consulting
2020-08-30 2019.10 Improvement: Fully updated Hungarian translation
2020-08-02 2019.9 Improvement: Serbian translation of Course Consulting functionality
2020-04-28 2019.6 Improvement: Exchange data files with Course Consultant preserves event data (competitors, clubs, etc.)
2020-03-22 2019.5 Update: Web storage working with new website www.orienteering-organiser.net
2019-11-24 2019.2 New: Automated export of results in IOF XML format
2019-04-29 2019.1 New: Automated export of results in text format (archive format)
2019-03-03 2019 Improvement: IOF Control Descriptions 2018
2019-03-03 2019 New: Export of results of single events in IOF XML 3
2019-03-03 2019 New: Export of courses in IOF XML 3
2019-03-03 2019 Improvement: Export of ranking (place) (e.g. for data for printing award certificates outside of OORG)
2018-12-08 12.03.00 Improvement: Immediate recalucation of course lengths after map scale change
2018-12-08 12.03.00 Improvement: Prevent removal of a control point when control lock is active (only move was prevented previous versions)
2018-12-08 12.03.00 Fix: Prevent removal of a control from a course via local menu when course lock is active (only removal by pressing delete was prevented)
2018-12-08 12.03.00 Fix: Number of controls in class result header "k" was not translated
2018-12-08 12.03.00 Fix: Double dot ".." in IOF description header when "Show Year" was used
2018-12-08 12.03.00 Fix: Report "Statistics about leg.." did not translate word "courses" to German
2018-12-08 12.03.00 Fix: Dialog to confirm save data before closing app was only in English
2018-09-05 12.02.02 Fix: List of classes and controls in IOF descriptions or maps window was invisible - since 12.02.01
2017-11-11 12.02.01 Change: Timezone removed from startlist export to IOF XML (now local time only)
2017-11-11 12.02.01 Improvement: When user selected "Read SI cards" and did not let all runners to punch start then the first split-time was missing for runners without start-time in SI card (until recalculate split-times was used). Behavior of "Read SI Cards" changed to "SI Card start-time take precedence" (over assigned start-time)
2017-05-07 12.02.00 Improvement: Split-times printing on 2 (cashier) printers from 1 computer
2017-04-20 12.01.01 Fix: Reports exported as HTM were since 12.01.00 in UTF8 format, but header indicated Windows-1250
2017-04-20 12.01.01 Improvement: Reports with export to XML contains button Export XML
2017-02-28 12.01.00 Improvement: OORG requires automatically "Run As Admin"
2017-02-28 12.01.00 New: Start list export in IOF 3 format (with human redable form in Chrome)"
2017-02-28 12.01.00 Improvement: Results in IOF Format can be displayed human redable form in Chrome"
2017-02-28 12.01.00 Improvement: If you export result in IOF format, no need to remove report header manually"
2017-02-28 12.01.00 Improvement: Splitimes ticket contains names of leaders (configurable count)
2017-02-28 12.01.00 Improvement: Splitimes ticket has "Navigation index" (from 1-5 stars) as default"
2017-02-28 12.01.00 Rework: web storage can be used again (after migration to Windows server)"
2016-07-12 12.00.02 Fix: Sequence number for control was missing from IOF descriptions "Classes for copy machine"
2013-04-25 11.01.09 Improvement: ability to import "Not competing" flag - use notClassified field in import definition, allowed values 0/1
2013-04-25 11.01.09 Improvement: If class name in competitors import file is empty, flag "run" will be reset automatically
2012-09-13 11.01.08 Improvement: Populate club name from club archive when importing competitors, if list of competitors does not contain club name
2012-04-20 11.01.07 Improvement: Course with butterfly did not allow a control between knots, now it is supported
2012-04-14 11.01.06 Fix: Bib number ignored during import when the same bib number for all stages was set
2012-04-14 11.01.05 Fix for: Error in internet results when Nc
2012-04-14 11.01.03 Fix: In Score-O, punches above number of controls in a course were ignored
2012-04-14 11.01.02 Fix: Awards print was incorrect for total results
2011-04-12 11.01.01 Fix: cross line when printing more than 1 splittimes ticket per sheet
2011-04-12 11.01.01 Fix for reading ranking information from external TXT file
2011-02-27 11.01.00 Reading SI cards 8,9, and pCard in extended mode
2010-03-21 10.03.01 Fix for Courses export to IOF XML for multistage events
2009-09-21 10.03.00 Courses export to IOF XML
2008-06-22 10.02.00 Possibility to enter teams into 2nd and next stages.
2008-06-22 10.02.00 Import of start sequence, if the values are not aligned to the right.
2008-06-22 10.02.00 Fix of the chart on split-times ticket, if a control was punched more than one time.
2008-06-22 10.02.00 Latvian translation
2008-06-22 10.02.00 Polish help
2007-07-24 10.01.01 Possibility to define category start drawing type "No drawing"
2007-07-24 10.01.01 Error in Awards printing (if more than 2 classes). Fixed.
2007-07-24 10.01.01 Serbian help
2007-04-16 10.01.00 Version for Windows Vista (help in .chm format)
2007-04-16 10.01.00 Animator with capability to save routes drawn on the Internet
2007-04-16 10.01.00 Ability to find out non finished competitors with SI-Config log
2007-04-16 10.01.00 Bib number availabale in entries table
2007-04-16 10.01.00 Distinguish between disqualification for disciplinar reason or mispunch
2007-04-16 10.01.00 Result report with punches for score events
2006-10-17 10.00.07 Italian translation and help
2006-10-17 10.00.07 If malfunction controls appears in loops course then competitor was disqualified. Fixed.
2006-10-17 10.00.07 Reports contained wrong link to OORG web page
2006-10-17 10.00.06 Animator available for score event
2006-10-17 10.00.06 Animator changes to so that Animator's page translation works properly at Windows XP Home
2006-09-12 10.00.05 Question to open www pages for Animator after they have been created
2006-09-12 10.00.05 Online WWW results show tens in time
2006-08-09 10.00.04 Creating information file for external software if finish times are measured by lightbeam
2006-07-28 10.00.02 Awards printing with self defined background
2006-07-28 10.00.02 Results import from OE2003
2006-07-28 10.00.02 Online WWW results: possibility to upload country flag images only once
2006-07-28 10.00.02 Possibilibity to round or truncate tens during time taking by light beam
2006-07-28 10.00.02 Changes for Radio controls reading from Racom fle if computer has no serial port (it was not possible to read in this case)
2006-12-16 9.02.06 Reports contained wrong link to OORG web page (since 9.02.04)
2006-12-16 9.02.06 Animator available for score event
2006-12-16 9.02.06 Animator changes to so that Animator's page translation works properly at Windows XP Home
2006-09-12 9.02.05 Online WWW results show tens in time
2006-06-17 9.02.04 Changes for Radio controls reading from Racom fle if computer has no serial port (it was not possible to read in this case)
2005-10-05 9.02.02 Fix of not loading punch data from backup log (bug from 9.02.00)
2005-06-05 9.02.00 Communication with SI BSF 7 read out station
2005-06-05 9.02.00 Reading punches from SI cards with number higher than 200.000 from SI units in autosend mode (radio split-times).
2004-10-23 9.01.03 Faster SI cards version 6 and 7 reading
2004-10-23 9.01.03 Possibility to set timeout for SI cards reading
2004-10-23 9.01.03 Processing of SI-cards with 7-10 digits number
2004-10-23 9.01.03 New EPL file format (storing information in 12/24h format)
2004-10-23 9.01.03 Creating binary log during SI cards reading
2004-10-23 9.01.03 Beep if rented SI cards is read-out
2004-10-23 9.01.03 Changes for Racom Linux server
2004-10-23 9.01.03 If a competitor has not assigned star time then his start time is assigned from his SI-card (if it is available)
2004-10-23 9.01.03 Display of contents of SI-card in HH:MM:SS format
2004-10-23 9.01.03 Fix of setting of "nC" (not Classified) relay"
2004-06-01 9.00.12 Changes in layout of internet animations
2004-05-23 9.00.11 Possibility to set start time of competitors with tens of seconds in Competitors window